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Welcome to the U.S. Air Force's
7 Direct Air Support Flights (DASF)
Years of operation = 1964 ~ 1976

The Vietnam Era

The DASF Flights were primarily deployed in South Vietnam
and along the South Korean DMZ. At the present time there is a
DASC still located on the South Korean DMZ near Camp Red Cloud.


Today's Flash Patch for the ROMAD's / TAC-P / J-TAC / E-TAC / TACP's / FAC.
This is worn on a Black Beret and is part of the official USAF uniform.
This Special Operations Unit of the USAF is the only unit authorized to
wear the black beret.  All of the other units wear a blue beret.



TACP Flash Patch as worn on the USAF Black Beret.
Members of the TACP ranks are now considered to
be members of the US Air Force Special Operation Units.

ROMAD has stood for a number of different acronyms over the years. For example - a short list:

"Radio Operator, Maintenance And Driver" (ROMAD) - Short Lived.  Next came the "Recon, Observe, Mark, And Destroy" (ROMAD).  Preferred and known today as a Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) or currently with the Army/ Marines as any of the following: TAC-P's, E-TAC's or J-TAC's.

We were also know in the early days of Vietnam as "Pack Rats" because we carried our equipment into combat beside the US Army, US Marines, Korean Army,  Korean Marines, Australian Army, and South Vietnams Army .  The "Pack Rats" were highly respected by any unit that was under fire by the enemy.  We were part of the special operations of / in the USAF.

We were the only USAF troops to go headlong into ground combat and conduct air strikes while under enemy fire on the ground and never receive a combat ribbon or any recognition for our service!  Most of us think this was totally unfair but that is the military for you. The USAF did NOT have a combat ribbon until 2001 and is now very hard to earn. Most of us know that today it almost takes a Purple Heart to get the ribbon if you are lucky enough to live through it.

In the begining the primary Airman's AFSC (Army = MOS) chosen for this job was taken from the 304X4 - Ground Radio Maintenance section (Army = Depot Level Repair).  These airmen were then teamed up with an officers who were called a FAC or Forward Air Controller.  Each were assigned to one of the 7 different DASF units through out the South East Asia Area. In addition, as the war continued, other AFSC's such as Radio and Morse Intercept operators were also pulled into these units spanning a time from 1965 ~ 1976.

Today, the TACP's AFSC is now know as 1C4X. You must be at least an E-4 rank (changed and may change again due to cutback) to be considered eligible to join the TACP ranks.  Training is rough and tough and takes about one year to complete. The pass rate is 30% last that I have heard.

There are several versions of the TACP's depending on what you are trained to do.  E-TAC's / J-TAC's and TAC-P's are just several that come to mind. If you would like to see the requirements necessary to enter the ranks then visit this address  Listed  are all of the schools that you must go to. The time required for training is about a year and has many areas that are very demanding. There is a special emphasis on physical training. This field is now considered the Special Forces of the US Air Force or Special Operations Division (SO).



DASF National Registry
Vietnam Era

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This includes all Officers and Airmen.

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   to View and / or look up any ROMAD listed in the registry.  This registry is indexed by last name.  The database was last updated on 04/09/2014. 


  Vietnam Era ROMAD Obituary's

Jim Mead - One of the original Pack Rat's - Jan 23rd, 2013
Includes Jims own story of the way it was.

Vincent Richard Green -
Radio Op - 1st DASF -
Oct. 2nd, 2012

Ed Janus - Feb 1st, 2012

David Brookbank, Col. USAF Ret.
- 20 ALO Trail Control - Nov 24th, 2011

Joe Traxler - 5th DASF - Dec 27th, 2011

Glenn Barker - 1st DASF - Aug 6th, 2011



This new memorial is in honor of All Tactical Air Control Party Personnel,
FAC and ROMAD's both past and present.  This memorial is located at the
home of the TACP Training Center located at Hurlburt
Field in Florida.
This memorial may be moved to Lackland AFB in the very near future
since the training center will be moving there shortly and this base will
then be closed down.  To find this location on base requires that you go
to the TAC-P Training Field which is between their barracks.

Having just come back from a trip out west to the 4 corners area, I stopped by the TAC-P training center at Hurlburt Field and was treated to a great tour of their training center.  Among the questions I asked are they actually going to be moved to Lackland AFB.  The E-7 that showed me around stated flatly that was not in the works at this time and that all the talk has become very quite about the proposed move over the past year.  He indicated that they had enough area at Hurlburt Field to do the required training if the USAF just provided the additional materials necessary.  I enjoyed seeing what they are putting these men through to become TACP's so that they can blend in with the Army when necessary.  I learned that very few actually are assigned to the Marines or Navy.  98% are assigned to various Army Units in the Hot Spots around the world.  Having spoken to a number of returning Army guys from the war zone and mention a TAC-P or a J-TAC and they are full of nothing but praise and we can't live with out them.  Nice complements from these Army guys!

To learn more about the TACP's click on the link below to Charlie Heidals Active Duty ROMAD website at >>>

To see the entire collection of pictures taken at the dedication
of this memorial, please click on this 

Patch Hat Pin

The  Original  1965 Style Korean Tiger Patches and Hat Pins are now available. In 1978 the patch was changed by the South Korean Army to the new style.

  To order     here.

Available only through this web site.

Just announced Oct 2013 by the Korean Tiger Division,
They have adopted a new style patch as seen
on the young lady below.





To all ROMAD's - We Need Your Help


 to the Research and History Pages  on the 7 Direct Air Support Flights.

This includes correspondence with the USAF Archives and comments from:

Tom Brenham
Harold Goldman
Labon Bumphus

Plus emailed comments
sent in by other members of
the DASFs to this website.
Won't you add your comments
to this section.  Write it up and
email it to:



2014 FAC "Homecoming" Reunion
Ft Walton Beach, FL
 October 22 ~ 26, 2014 
Here's the Intel Brief:

1) 2014 Reunion. Get Ready. The second "Mother of all FAC" reunions that will be held at Ft Walton Beach, FL, October 2014. Start making plans now to attend. This reunion will probably be the largest FAC reunion ever so you don't want to miss it!

2) Tell us if you are planning on coming to the 2014 reunion. Are you bringing a guest? We expect this reunion may exceed the 750+ that came in 2000 and we need to be prepared. Give us a preliminary heads up as to how many are coming.

2) FAC Trivia Book and Claims to Fame. Let us make you famous. Now's your chance to "Tell All" so check it out! Following the reunion info (below) is a FAC Trivia Book Questionnaire Form for you to fill out. We plan to publish a revised book in time for the 2014 reunion. Don't delay. Get your input to us now so we can get the book ready.

Tell your FAC buds you are coming to the 2014 reunion and get them here as well. This may be your best chance to see some of your long-lost buds you haven't seen in years.

The 80+ FACs living in the Ft Walton Beach area are going all out to make this a memorable event. Events will include:

Welcome Party
Hurlburt Field Tour
Mission & SEA Update Briefings
Static Displays
FAC Memorial / Remembrance Ceremony
Sunset Sailing from the beautiful Destin Harbor
Air Commando Assoc. Briefing
Seafood and Sand and more Seafood
FAC Callsign Meetings
FAC Assoc. Business Meeting
Walks on the Beach
A Ton of Optional Activities
Plus, Much More

For more information and additional contacts please go to this web site:

Membership is not required but requested.

     Pictures of the 2008 DASF / ROMAD Reunion that was held in Las Vegas NV.  Here are pictures of what we did, some of what  happened and most of the guys that were there.

Some additional TACP web sites to explore.




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Below are the 7 Direct Air Support Flights, each consisted of about 15 to 20 officers and 10 to 12 enlisted men combined for a total of about 29 men to make up the ROMAD /  FAC teams of 2 men.  The total number of men in the flight is minus motor pool, power, office personnel etc. Normally this was supplied by the host air base.

All DASF units were activated on or about the 15th of May, 1965, and were deactivated on September 15
, 1974. All 6 DASF's became part of the now the 604th DASS (Except the 7th DASF), located in Hawaii.
The 604th DASS was deactivated on May 17, 1976 and became the 604th DASC on the same date and years later was relocated to Camp Red Cloud located in South Korea.

Korean TIGER DIVISION "Pack Rats" or ROMADS, Group #3, 1965 ~ 1972 +, were located at the Korean DIVISION HQ and Camp Thunderbolt.  Camp Thunderbolt was assigned to the Cav. Regiment Divison of the Korean Tiger Division located West of Qui Nhon, Vietnam on highway QL-19 near the An Khe Pass.  You will also find that the Tiger HQ also known as Tiger Town, was just South, South West of Qui Nhon, Vietnam, or just West, off of highway QL-1 South of the QL-19 interchange.

  to the listing of some of the known Pack Rats
that were assigned to the ROK


 The DASF's Pages

Additions and corrections are made as I receive the information.


   1st DASF Page

   Airman Vince Green's pictures


    2nd DASF Page

   Airman Wood's Korean Pictures


    3rd DASF Page

     Jim Donaldson Pictures

  Phillip De Mars Overseas Orders



    4th DASF Page

   Captain Burt Blatter's Pictures
Both Korea and Vietnam 

   Airman Robert Michael's Pictures
Ragged Scooper 2 Alpha, Vietnam
ROK Tiger Div., CAV REG, Vietnam 1965-66
Plus my Korean Pictures

   Airman Gary Grubb's Korean Pictures

  Airman Tony Kristol's Page


    5th DASF Page

   Airman Joe Trexler's Vietnam Pictures (Deceased)

   Airman Don Schreiner's Vietnam Pictures


   6th DASF Page

No Airman have checked in that were assigned to this unit.


    7th DASF Page
which was changed into the 604th DASS ~ and
later became the 604th DASC in South Korea.


 ROMAD / DASC / TAC Units and Detailed Map Links

   Picture of the 19th Tactical Air Support Squadron.
Republic of Korean, Direct Air Support Center,
Weonju-si, Republic of South Korea, taken in 1972.



 603rd DASS Page

   Airman Steven Bowens Pictures

  A narrative by T.P. Woodfork

   MSgt Mike "Harpo" Humphrey, USAF Ret.
An Original Pack Rat / ROMAD, GP #3
ROK Tiger Div., CAV REG, Vietnam 1967-68
A nice brief description of how I became a ROMAD.

  Plus Mike's pictures. 

A2/c Chuck Bangert was assigned to the
505th Tactical Control Maintenance Squadron

located at Can Tho, South Vietnam from June 65 ~ 66.

  to Chucks history and narrative plus his USAF orders.
  to Chucks pictures of his time in South Vietnam.

You guys might want to read about these guys that were airborne.

Their story is very interesting and this is the link to their page:



The following links below have the actual link address shown.

Please click on this link to go there.


The South Korean Vietnam Veterans Web Site
located in South Korea.

There are both Korean  AND  English sections on this link.
Feel free to visit and ask any question that you might have.
You will get a prompt answer to you question in English.

Your question(s) will be translated from the English side and posted
into the Korean side and when an answer is received, it will once
again be translated and post back on the English side.

There is a great wealth of information on their part of this
war and men from both sides of the Pacific are exchanging
information and pictures taken in Vietnam.  All are welcome.


This is one of the Active Duty ROMAD site.

This site has been set up and is run by Charlie Heidal  for use by the CURRENT ROMAD's and TACP teams' that are on  ACTIVE DUTY  in the  USAF Several areas are off limits to non active duty service people since these men are overseas fighting in the major conflicts, but most of the site is not pass word protected.  He has a lot of excellent information on today's ROMAD's including the schools and training that are required to become a ROMAD.  This includes all of the training that one must under go, plus the duty they perform. If you are a ex-ROMAD and wish to contact Charlie for access to the full site, follow the rules on his page to get your login and password. Include your name, unit, location and time period of service as a ROMAD.


in Vietnam and Thailand, 1962 ~ 1975
This site contains the following groups:

5th TAC
505th TCG
619th TCS
620th TCS
621st TCS
505th TCG
507th TAG
19th TASS
20th TASS
21st TASS
22nd TASS
23rd TASS

In addition to a lot of very useful information on the various FAC's,
Pack Rats, Dustoffs, ROMADS, plus other support organizations, this site exchanges information with this site as additional documentation
becomes available or other that have served with the DASF enter
into either site. Please feel free to check it out and it is also a rather
large site so plan to spend some extra time there visiting.


  A Full Restoration of a
M151-A1 Jeep and Generator / Trailer

Updated 23 Mar 14

to the Restoration

This is just one of several restorations
that are underway at this time in
the USA, Australia, and England.

This restoration is located in the USA.

M151 Military Utility Tactical Truck
This site is located in England

This site has been published and is maintained to serve as a point of reference and meeting place for all those with an interest in the history, restoration, and use of the M151 MUTT and all of its variants. It is our hope that enthusiasts, whatever their experience and specific interest in this amazing machine, will enjoy and gain from their visit. This group has a large number of these vehicles on hand.  The web site has a lot of useful information on this vehicle.

We have tried to ensure that all information on this site is accurate, and that all images are correctly annotated and credited to the appropriate source. However, with so many thousands of images available from so many sources, mistakes can arise, and if you should spot any image or information that you feel has been published in error, then please let us know at  Also, there are images of army personnel and others included in some photographs. If any individual would prefer us not to use a photograph of him or herself on this site, then please contact us so that it can be removed.


Vietnam War Resources

These are excellent listing of all of the combat operations within Vietnam. These two archives / listing should be a must if you are doing any kind of research on this war.

The first resource is from the  Georgia Tech Research Library .  This is by far one of the largest offerings for research on the web.  This site has so many links on their page that it is just unreal. You may connect to this resource at:

The Second resource that is highly recommended is that of The Vietnam Center and Archive of the  Texas Tech University . This site is also very large but has more oral history in it. This site which may be found at this  address:



Another very good site to visit and discussions or search for others.


The Map Section.

All Maps are at 1 : 250,000 resolution or scale.

That means extremely large files that take a while to download.





 The Vietnam War

Area Of Operations 1965 - 1975

Welcome to Jim Henthorn's Vietnam Veterans Page!

Preliminary Map Scanning Completed as of 10/30/2001.

Indexing of place names is not complete. "I'll be adding vintage maps of the remaining areas of Thailand in the near future as I get them done!"  Please note that this is a very large site and the maps of Vietnam are very detailed thus they are large files to download.   This is still a work in progress and will be for many years to come. These maps are excellent for detailed research of / on the war.  Yes, these maps are printable if your have a large enough printer and paper - Paper size should be at least 13" X 17" but consider triple that size if you really want to read it!"  to properly print out these maps in full color.



 Ray's Map Room

Vietnam Areas of Operation
Topographic Map WITH digital images and
comments about what you are looking at.
Scale is 1:250,000

Ray has taken the maps from Jim Henthorn's map room and added  many key places, battles and other important points of information concerning the various battles from this war.  Each point of interest will have a orange diamond marker on the map. This diamond when clicked upon will produce a pop up window with pictures and a brief  written history for the action that took place at this location.  This has been very well done and is a major work still in progress .....


On this link you will find all of the information that you will need to deal with the VA concerning Agent Orange or Ranch Hand.  This site contains a wealth of information and contact sources for you if you were in a area that was subject to spraying and are wishing to file a claim with the VA.  Check it out for your own sake. File your claim if you were there. You have nothing to loose but a little time and a lot of aid, both medical and financial.


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