ROMAD / TACP Reunion

From the Active Duty side of the attendance was 4 men. The rest were those that served during the Vietnam War Era. The Friday get together was very well attended by both the men and their wives arriving at the Grand Casino in Las Vegas. On Saturday morning, we went to Nellis Air Force Base and got a short tour of the base. While there, we were shown the current hummer mounted radio system that the ROMAD's use today, while the wives chose to hit the Base Exchange for a little shopping. Below in the picture section you will see the Hummer that was on display that we got to mess around with.

After having lunch in the Base Exchange, a number of us took off for Hover Dam for the tour. Several elected to take the big tour that takes you down to the very bottom inside of the dam while most of the rest of us chose to take the shorter tours. Those that visited the Hover Dam were amazed at what they saw.

Several elected to try the air driven body flying machine that make you feel like you have just jumped out of an airplane. Since I did not go to that attraction I do not know what the reaction was to those that chose this attraction. Saturday evening was dinner at the NCO Club on Nellis AFB in which we were able to sit down and talk about old and new times. The dinner was very good and I for one did not hear any complaints. Pictures at the NCO Club dinner are found below. A lot of discussion was between the current ROMAD's and how they do things differently but yet the same as we did in Vietnam. Most had no idea of what we did and said that they learned a lot about the past ROMAD's.

On Sunday, Most of us took at easy and a number of our group decided to do a little touring of Las Vegas strip. That evening a number joined of the gang arrived at the Bellagio Casino and watch the water display. Some stayed till late in the night and other called it quits since most of us had to leave on Monday morning. All in all, the group had a great time. Everyone that attend the reunion, our first, said they will be back. Charlie Heidal from WW.ROMAD.COM and Our Group are going to try to schedule our next Reunion together. No point in holding two different reunions. Watch for the announcements of the next reunion to be emailed to you from our database.

Now on to the important stuff.

The Gang that made it to the Reunion 2008

The 4 men below are from the active duty section.
Lower left with white T-Shirt is Charlie Heidal from WWW.ROMAD.COM


The Equipment today