Below are some pictures submitted by Richard Bullen while he was in Vietnam year was 1972

Bullen definetly over regs (haircut !)

After impact Pleiku AB

20th TASS Pilot and Sgt of month
displaying  new headgear

20th TASS Airmen of the month and
Sgt of the month returning

A1c Bullen and Sgt. Washington 29353's
Camp Eagle Billets control

1st AVRN Div HDQTRS Camp Eagle Tower
for 265th RRS Army and Billets

Another hutch burning center Camp Eagle

Command and control, chopper left, center Camp Eagle

Billets hit by NAV Artillery at Quang Tri

Blue Ghosts and Centaurs

02A Little J Crew Chiefs in revetments

Bob Hope USO Stage at Camp Eagle

Better picture hutch burning with
C&C chopper foreground

Burning hutch after rocket attack
Camp Eagle

Chopper feet wet north of Danang

Cobra over Camp Eagle

Whats left of artillery rounds
after a hit by NAV artillery in Quang

Whats left of MRC-108 jeep and radio
after 3rd ARVN Canibalized

Riichard Bullens billet,
Gunfighter Village, Da Nang

Stephen Swanson, Radio operator,
Big Control, I-DASC

Da Nang base supply after rocket attack '72

Dog patch below Freedom Hill

F-4's Commanders jet in revetments

French bunker in Da Nang

Fuel bladders with Freedom Hill far left

Gunfighter Village Chowhall 1972

Helicopter shot of Camp Eagle perimeeter

Heuy bringing me into Camp Eagle, Hill 180 foreground

Hue-Phu-Bai Airport from Hill 180

LT. Thomas holding present I just got in mail

Required equipment enroute to
Camp Eagle mad minute

Rear of 20th TASS HDQTRS after moving
to the east side of Da Nang

Rocket attack behind 20th TASS, one US KIA in hutch

OV-10 in revetments Da Nang

Rocket impact, Pleiku AB

S-13 crew chief, Pleiku

Danang AB Hospital lower center

VNAF A-37 loaded for bear, Da Nang

FNG Bullen

C-130 over Freedom Hill

Piss Tube

20th TASS jeep MACV compound Hue,
note bullet holes in windshields