Kents Pictures from Vietnam.
Most all of these pictures are from slide film.

SSgt. Kent Calabrese 1966 Tuy Hua digging in.

Air view (from a O1e) over Tuy Hua air base in early 1966

Moving in to make Tuy Hua air base very early 1966

Tuy Hua Fllight Line in early 1966 - note all of the PCP for the runway

A radio operator is manning the ALO MRC-108 in Tuy Hua March 1966.
Unknown radio operator.

Scenic shot of base camp at Tuy Hua in early 1966

Base Camp at Tuy Hua in early 1966

Inside of our living tent

Major Bailey (KIA) and a Radio Operator in our Command Tent
MRC-108 Radio Pallet removed from a jeep.

Captain Todd before takeoff in our lone 01e Bird  Dog

Captain Cortez (WIA) before take off in our Bird Dog

Air Strikes outside of the Tuy Hua Area in March 1966
Note the red arrows and the bright yellow/white spot at the
lower arrow is where a bomb is exploding. This was shot from
the back seat of a O1e Bird Dog directing an air strike.

RoK Marine Combat Ops at Tuy Hua in 1966

SSgt. Kent Calabrese with the M151A1 Jeep and AN/MRC-108 Radios

Unknown RoK Major - I think he was our Liaison