Pictures taken by John Mullaney while he was in
South Korea and South Vietnam during 1965 ~ 1966
John was assigned to the 4th DASF


A selfie I took after my return from Viet Nam

While in South Vietnam I flew in the O1E Lil Brenner.
I was Ragged Scooper 72mike with the 2nd regiment ROK Tiger division.

I took part in 2 search assault operations with a battalion of
ROK Tiger division troops. One assault was with US Marine helicopters
for insertion. This was a large air assault.

Loved Korea. Trained with with US Army units in South Korea.
Enjoyed the training near the DMV directing F105 mock air strikes.
Hated Vietnam having to live off "C" rations was no fun!

My Pictures Of South Korea

Korean kids playing while we were on training exercise near the DMZ

Two DASF members outside our barracks on Osan AFB
I don't remember their names

View from the tee on the 3rd hole of the Osan AFB golf course

Kimpo airport in Seoul Korea. The small aircraft was used by the 2nd and 4th
DASF for Parachute training. Captain Robinson flew me to Kimpo to catch
my flight back to the US.

View of the golf course and ball field at Osan AFB

Our nice clean Jeeps lined up in our compound at Osan AFB

Judy the waitress in the golf course snack bar

Streets of Korea. Driving from Osan on TDY to Camp Casey for
exercises with the US Army

A selfie of me and my Jeep.

We had to qualify in 3/4 ton and 2 1/2 ton trucks

Another picture of our APC

Our armored personnel carrier. We had to be able to accompany any Army unit.

I don't remember his name. Taken outside our
Quonset hut at Osan AFB

Selfie on driving range at Osan.


My Pictures Of South Vietnam


ROK 2nd Regiment Headquarters Compound

US Army Huey squadron that replaced US Marine Helicopters
that supported Koreans

Our dog Charlie. He wandered into our tent one day. I fed him. He never left.
He was a great watch dog and killed several rats.

ROK 2nd regiment commanders hut.

Our Tent

Our camp

Anti aircraft emplcement

Our tent and not so clean jeeps.

ROK Artillery Battery near our tent. Woke us up many times during the night

Korean chapel

Korean soldier

Taken outside our tent. We were located about 15 miles west of the airstrip
in Qui Nhon

View from the Bird dog on a recon flight

View from the Bird dog on a recon flight

Selfie outside our tent

Elephant head retrieved by a FAC

Our interpreter.

Capt Selleck and Capt Nicholson on the beach in Nha Trang.
We spent a couple of days in Saigon and Nha Trang
for orientation and had some time off.

One of our radio operators. I don't remember his name.