The Complete Restoration of a
M151-A1 / MRC-108 FAC / ROMAD Jeep

Updated on 17 Mar 2017

Welcome to all visiting this page - a little history is in order for you to full appreciate this page and what you will see.  I hope that you enjoy seeing what we had to use during the Vietnam conflict and I might add that this unit was in use well into the 1990's all over the place.  Jeeps / Troop Carriers / Humvees were all use to hold this equipment.

Wright Patterson National Museum of the US Air Force

The Restoration is now complete and the unit is on display.

Location of the M151A1 / MRC108 Jeep and trailer is now located in the Southeast Asia War Section on the second hanger (#2).  It may be found under the wing of the C7-A Caribou Aircraft.  When entering the museum via the main entrance, you will have to pass through the WWII and Early Years aircraft hanger (#1) and go into the second hanger (#2).  Once you arrive, turn LEFT and go to the very back wall and center right hand section of the hanger.  The O1e Bird Dog  and A1e Skyraider will be on your left side as you start to the back of the hanger. There is a help desk at the entrance of each of the 5 hangers and they can direct you to where you wish to go. Then if you wish to see the Korean war version of this very same type of vehicle then proceed to the opposite end and on the right hand side for the FAC jeep as it was call at that time.  You will do a lot of walking when visiting this museum.  It is suggested that you allocate at least 4 if not 5 days to visit to be able to see everything.

IF any of you that used this equipment find an error anywhere below - please contact me and correct the information - simply cut and past from this page into an email and then show the correction to be made.  I will then also fix this page and forward the info to Larry.

The person that contacted me requesting information for this project was Larry Youngblood.  The information for his request / questions are in
BLACK type and my information is in Blue type.

They do have a website but it does not currently show the FAC/ROMAD Jeep.  You might want to try this address:

This jeep was originally "restored" by a couple of older (than me!) volunteers. The body was stripped down and taken to someplace that did chemical stripping. I did not work there when this took place. I understand the body came back looking like Swiss Cheese! The two volunteers got it looking pretty good when I guess someone decided to make it into the FAC Jeep. The two guys, for whatever reason, quit. I came on board as a volunteer and was assigned the job of putting together the radio jeep. It is nearing completion and they want it over in the Museum. I think they are going to set it up with a couple of mannequins to make it appear as if it is being used.

As a note to this project, I have provided a large amount of information to this group from this web site.  It required a full DVD to hold all of the information.  Since we airman of the DASF and the 505 TCG were the actual users of this jeep and generator / trailer, I have gotten a rather large amount of information on all of the individual radios and accessories found in and on this vehicle and trailer.  Also a number of the ROMADs sent in information on this equipment as well.  Remember that it was the ROMAD who had to maintain and operate this rig - not the officers and we received very little training when we got it. It was expected that we would be able to use the TO's to fix as necessary.  All of this information was compiled and forwarded to Larry Youngblood for use with the restoration of this jeep and trailer.  It also ended up including all of the radios and accessories information that were part of this rig.

I hope that you enjoy looking at this series of pictures and should you have any additional pictures and or information that you might like to contribute to this web site or have forwarded to the people working on this project then by all means send it in to


Ragged Scooper 2A
Korean Tiger Div / An Khe Pass / RVN


This is an example of the setup in the field in Vietnam.
Do not know the name of the ROMAD.

Lots of supplies, ammo,  food, tent etc. under the generator.  We
also had to use the roof for additional items that we need to
transport into the field when the jeep and trailer were used under
combat. Most of the ROMAD's carried the M-16 and a S&W
model 10 revolver with a belt full of ammo for the pistol.  The M-16
I was issued had 8 clips which were about 30 rounds each.


Part of Larry's email that also requested additional information on the M151A1 / MRC-108 and Generator Trailer.

Emailed you awhile back about a Vietnam era FAC Jeep that I am working on at the Air Force Museum Restoration Facility at Wright Patterson AFB in Fairborn, Ohio.

I have been building this jeep using pictures from your site to hopefully make it as accurate as possible to the time frame. I did not do the work to the jeep itself. I am mainly trying to build the MRC-108 radio pallet and the rack underneath. I have found most of the pallet radio equipment and we will be purchasing in the near future.

Lately, I have been posting on the website since they deal with the M151 jeep. They are trying to give me info on how the jeep itself was set up.

Wondering if one or more of your people would be able to answer some questions about the jeep use. The head of the restoration unit needs accurate information before we can put it to use on our jeep.

Was a big white star painted on the hood? We have one on ours but I do not see any on pictures from your site. We also have the small stars on the cowl. Would this not aid in target acquisition for the bad guys?

What should be stenciled on the jeep and where for Air Force designation and number? For example, similar to what might be on a picture from your site, 66K3345. What number/letter designation should we use? This would go on the side of the hood. Any other stenciling that should be on jeep? Stenciling on the bumpers front and rear...PACAF on the left front and 2DASF on the right front and back? This depends on if the jeep and trailer was sent to one of the DASF Units or direct to Vietnam.  What you indicated above is correct except for in country units.  Several have told me that the commands were different with the 505 TCG being the one found on most.

Passenger seat ... should it be turned around facing the radio pallet? I have seen it both ways your sites pictures.  This seat was a flip seat that slide back and forward to allow one to sit facing the radios or forward when in motion.

We have rectangular side mirror on our jeep. Was told it was more likely to be a small round one.  The mirror on the ones from Korea are small round ones that will  fold flat to the side of the jeep.

Some of the above info is what I was told by the crowd from the g838 board. Hoping for confirmation and maybe more data from you folks.

Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.

We hope to have this FAC Jeep finished and on display in the Southeastern Asia War Gallery by December of 2012.

The beginning of the project in December of 2011




Thought you might be interested in seeing where we are on the jeep. Slowly but surely making headway.

The disc you sent me has been very helpful. Hope we are getting this jeep accurate to the way you guys used them in Vietnam. Glad you can use the information from all of us.

I have been posting on the site. Some of those fellas have been giving me insight on what should be or should not. Some say the paint color is wrong for the era (It looks darker than it is in the pictures). It is kind of a semi or satin OD. It is not flat. I believe the overall paint scheme is going to be left as is. The stars on the hood and cowl are going to be removed. The passenger seat is not going to be turned around facing the radios. Other than that, I think the main issue is to finish the radio set-up.

The radio speakers were purchased and then found out to be the wrong ones. As you can see in the pictures, I have modified them to resemble the proper ones. Still need to fabricate the vent closure on the top and find some latches to mount the units. Need to find the electrical connections and either find the correct wiring on fab up dummy lines from the speakers to the radios. Also need to find the correct (or fab up) knobs for the speakers.

They have decided not to repaint the radio system. I think they should and then re-do the white lettering on the units.

Need to find the antenna parts or fabricate. The large antenna on the passenger side rear needs the top half found or fabricated up. The antenna on the passenger side rear/front...I do not know if it is the correct one or not. I have 116, 117 and 118 items that I believe go on this antenna but the 116 item does not match the lower half that is there. Also need to know where the wires would go that attach to the rear of the antenna box. The wires from the antenna tuner box went directly into the base of the antenna mount if this is what you are referring to.  Of course, we have to find those wires / fittings! The antenna on the drivers side rear is needed. And then we have to get the rubber piece that went over the bottom part.  Shakespear Antenna Company in Columbia SC still makes this antenna system for all of the radios found on this jeep.  They are not cheap but at least you can still get them.

I made up the ratchet cable devices from what I could gather from pictures. Not real sure if they are correct but they look close to me. Still have to make up the j-hook that fits in the wheel well openings. The antenna mounts are also still made by Shakespear in SC.

The photo which came from an article that a fella from Rockwell/Collins sent me, shows the bottom rack and some of the items that were stored there. Do you have a inventory of what should be in that rack? I did find a paper that stated there was a PRC-41, PRC-47, 412M-1 battery charger, and a modified AN/GRA-6 remote control unit.

Included a picture of the UHF radio 313V-4. We need to find one of those.  There are several Military Sites that specialize in old radio gear.  If I can find the links I will forward them to you.  If anyone out in Internet land knows of one contact me ASAP.

What should be on the front and rear bumpers? I think I have seen PACF or should it be DASF? As mentioned above depends on where the jeep came from. If it came from a DASF Unit then it would have DASF-1 to 6 on it depending on the flight.  The 7th DASF in Hawaii was change over to a DASC and went away.

Please review the pictures I am sending and tell me if we are on the right track or if we are making a few mistakes! I am also going to post on the G838 site next. I will also be emailing Fair Radio in Lima, Ohio (where we purchased most of the radio equipment) and Murphy's in California for the electrical fittings, wires and hinge/latches that we still need. If you know of a source, please let me know.  Also you might like to take a look at DigiKey Inc. for some of the connectors as well.

Thank you so much for your help that you have already provided...

Thought you would be interested in seeing how we are doing with the FAC Jeep to date. Getting much closer to getting over to the museum. Trying to find a few parts here and there to finish up. Does everything look the way it should?  What I see it looks very good,  I would not complaints about what I see so far.

I included a picture of the dash area because I have seen a picture on-line which shows a red toggle switch with a red cover over it...some kind of emergency shut down? No this is part of the jeep generator electrical system that allows power from the jeeps generator to power up the radio.  It worked in conjunction with the throttle for maintaining engine speed.  It should be part of the jeep to be correct with the throttle control. Should this be added to our jeep? Would be located just to the right side of the steering column. Yes this is supposed to be there.

Currently starting in on the M416 trailer and the generator. Most of the pictures I have seen show the generator on top of the trailer. Assuming something like a piece of plywood with hidden supports underneath to hold the generator in position. There were two metal cross arms under the generator running side to side to which the generator was hard mounted.  There were no rubber bushing between these rails and the generator.  The generator was 400 AC 3 phase rectified down to 28 volts DC. Much like the old dynamotors used in the aircraft which would power the HF Radio that is used in this jeep. See comments at the top of this page. The entire area under the generator was used for storage of a tent and supplies as well as for me - spare fuel to run the generator.  I had 4 jerry cans strapped inside of the trailer and one on the jeep.



Phase 2
The actual restoration of the equipment




Just a quick note, I found you site and pictures of the MRC-95 radio.

I have a amateur radio web about the 618T and was just snooping around the web.  I found you had some useful information, and I have posted a bit of that on my web and a link to yours.

I wonder if I could post a picture or two of the jeeps on my web ??

Please see

please advise if what I have done is ok , your info is way down the page , look for other Webs with 618T information.

I read down the roster, and see a few others shared pictures, I'm not sure where to see those.

I might mention , I was USAF PMEL tech for 6 years, Thailand and Camh ran bay RVN..

You can find out more about my hobby at 

The actual address now for the radio is:





New Update on the rig.

These pictures were sent to me on the 22 of March 14 showing the work in progress.  Larry had a bunch more questions that he needed to get answers to so I let him know what is what as best as I can.

One question he asked was where the generator DC cable plugged into the jeep and where the power transfer switch was to switch from jeep generator to trailer generator.  As best as I can remember the Trailer Generator was just below the HF Antenna Tuner.  Any of you guys remember and I thought it was a Canon Plug used in the aircrafts that connected a dynamotor to the radios.  Let me know ASAP.  Also the switch for the two power sources I think I remember was behind the driver seat near the floor under the support beam below the HF Head.  Correct me if you remember.

Since they do not have a copy of the original generator to use, they will be using a sub which requires the generator to be mounted long ways rather they side ways.  I was told some time ago by other ROMADs that this was the way the new generators were mounted. The found that the generators when they were lowered into the trailer and spun 90 degrees to get the center of gravity lower stopped the trailers from flipping over when they hit deep holes or ditches - duh!

This is the generator (shown below) that they will be using plus the mount shown below to hold it in place in the trailer.  This mount is based on 2 pictures I received from another ROMAD that was there in 1971-72.  The extra gas cans were also shown on his pictures which rings a bell me - and I checked my pictures as well.  As I recall we modified the front of the trailer and mounted a spare tire there as well - I can't remember for sure though. 



Larry has updated me on the final display of the MRC-108 / M151A1 Jeep and Generator Trailer.  This is now on display in an area that is buried in with several other larger items IE: a plane and other item.  So you will have to look for this display if you visit the display area.


This concludes the M151 / MRC-108 display.
We now move to the Korean War version of
this equipment. Note that it is at the other
end of this hanger #2 in the opposite corner.
Below you will see a Minature Display of a ROMAD and FAC conducting an
air strike.  The ROMAD / FAC served with the US Armed Forces, South
Korean  ROKs and the South Vietnam Forces in this capacity.