Osan AFB Korea 1966
Military related pictures of the 4th DASF taken on Osan AB, Including
the Air Show that was open to the Korean People. A private
showing for the Military Brass which General Gleszer came to see,
Military Target Range, Snow at Osan and Misc. other pictures.

Right is a picture
take of all of us at
the time when we
were fully staffed.
Some of the
Air Show at Osan
in 1966 open
to the Koreans.
Air Show for the
Army Brass 1966
Right is 105 target
practice and
is a Recon Chopper
DMZ - Korea
Osan AB
Golf Course
Winter in Korea
Late April 1966
Some aircraft
found at
Osan AFB
Rescue Drill for
downed aircraft
Osan AFB 1966