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Air Defense Radar Stations

Information for Dauphin Island AFS, AL

693 Radar Squadron (AC&W) ADC
Dauphin Island AFS, AL
Latitude: 30-15-00 N, Longitude: 088-04-40 W

Perm ID Sage ID JSS ID Unit Location Early
TM-196 Z-196   693 Dauphin Island AFS, AL FPS-20; FPS-6A (2); FPS-7 FPS-93A; FPS-6 * Jan-59 Sep-70 * * Re-opened in 1972 as part of the Southern Air Defense System.
TM-196A / M-126A Z-126A     New Orleans, LA FPS-14 FPS-18 Oct-57 1 July 1970 Gap-Filler Annex. The radar site was located at Camp Leroy Johnson (next to Lake Pontchartrain).
TM-196B Z-196B     Gulfport, MS FPS-18   Aug-61 01-Jul-70 Gap-Filler Annex. Site was just east of the airport, on 47th Street, between Adams Ave. and Chamberlain Ave., per USACE FUDS report.

Current Use: Dauphin Island Sea Lab. [See also Dauphin Island AFS, AL, 635th Radar Squadron (Z-249); and Dauphin Island AFS, AL, OLAG 630th Radar Squadron (Z-249).]

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